Rupture Disk


BS&B Safety Systems is a global company with manufacturing locations all over the world. We provide the premier network of sales and distribution outlets with coverage of all areas from a local perspective.


As the originators of the Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc), BS&B Safety Systems is best suited to finding the safest solution to your pressure problem. We pride ourselves on catering for your needs with established products or custom made designs.




All of the BS&B global manufacturing locations are processing and shipping orders. This is achieved through the respect of national policies at each location to protect our employees as they work on safety products critical to the support of local, national and global infrastructure. Our customers have made a partnership with BS&B which all of our employees take very seriously as we attend to continuity of supply alongside the essential focus on safety and reliability which is a hallmark of BS&B.

In addition to our global manufacturing infrastructure, BS&B has invested in robust and flexible systems that support social distancing of in house employees as well as those working from home. Our communications options are assisting greatly with creative alternatives to customer site visits. Should a site visit be necessary, clearance in advance is presently a requirement.

BS&B can always be contacted through our web sites which include and The 24/7 emergency service is always available with the following contact points…

  • North America and the Caribbean – +1(918) 622-5950
  • South and Central America – +55 11 2084 4800
  • Europe/Eurasia, Middle East, and Africa – +353 61 484700
  • Asia Pacific and Oceania – +65 6513 9780

The BS&B global team appreciate the support of our customers and suppliers during this challenging time.