Rupture Disk

BS&B Rupture Disk Webinar Series

A BS&B webinar is an email away. Simply provide your contact information, preferred webinar course and start time. BS&B will then schedule the date and provide the login credentials for your electronic device.

Our webinars are Live, include instructor(s), necessary test equipment, safety heads, rupture disks, companion flanges, torque wrench and other tools necessary for the webinar. We can provide a webinar training session for one or large numbers of participants. Courses are certified for continuous education hours (check local criteria). Questions during webinars are encouraged.

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Curriculum includes:
  • Rupture Disk Technology

    Ideally suited for process, project, safety and maintenance engineers, this webinar discusses the features of different rupture disk technologies and how to select the appropriate rupture disk for your application. Demonstration of burst characteristics of each disk are provided.

  • Advanced Maintenance Workshop

    This workshop covers installation and maintenance procedures for rupture disks. Participants will undsterstand the steps necessary for proper disk performance, the correct installation of rupture disks and safety heads to maximize greater rupture disk service life. Installation certification is available for your maintenance/safety personnel.

  • Rupture Disk Devices Combined with Safety Relief Valves

    An indepth session covering Safety Relief valve isolation using rupture disks to create a solid barrier between the valve and the process to prevent buildup from adhering to mechanical components of the valve.

  • Sanitary/Hygienic Rupture Disks

    This webinar reviews rupture disk technology used in food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and bioprocessing industries. The discussion includes comprehensive range of clean service rupture disk technology available to OEMs and end users.